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  • Alexandera Houchin’s AZT Video

    Alexandera Houchin’s AZT Video

    I gathered about an hour and a half of footage on my iPhone over the 12-day journey I had racing the 800 miles of the Arizona Trail Race this fall. I edited it down into a short video and I hope that you like it!

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  • Geyaabi Nimbakade // I’m Still Hungry

    Geyaabi Nimbakade // I’m Still Hungry

    Alexandera Houchin was the first woman to cross the finish line in the 2022 Colorado Trail Race and the sixth overall finisher, setting a new southbound/westbound women’s course record on her Chumba Sendero SS, with a time of 6 days, 2 hours, and 33 minutes. In her most recent essay, she reflects on her fifth journey along the Colorado Trail. “I was playing a game; I would wait until the moment I saw her headlight disappear and as soon as I saw the last glimpse, I would look at my watch and start timing myself. The first summit, I was 47 minutes behind her light, then 32 minutes, then 24 minutes, until I saw her pushing up to the summit of Stony Pass and finally was just eight minutes behind her.”

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