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  • Whoa Baby!!  Mountain biking Throughout My Pregnancy

    Whoa Baby!!  Mountain biking Throughout My Pregnancy

    I went for a little backcountry ski with my partner in mid-January of 2022. It was awful. The conditions were sun-affected and variable, and I felt like trash. It was the slowest and sluggish-est I’d felt in a very long time. Maybe I was finally getting COVID? Later that day, my breasts started to hurt. A LOT. It was enough to make me use one of the home pregnancy tests that had been sitting in a bathroom drawer for ages. I expected to see just the one line, like I had the handful of times I’d peed on the stick over the preceding years. I was bewildered at the instant twin pink lines indicating pregnancy. I reacted to the shock with my usual therapy- I went for a bike ride. Unlike during the ski tour earlier that day, I felt like my normal self with my normal energy on the singletrack, though the cold air did make my boobs hurt even more. 

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  • Welcome to The Town Bicycle

    Welcome to The Town Bicycle

    Hello bicycle community and beyond. We’d like to take a second to introduce our new website: The Town Bicycle, a.k.a The Townie. We’re a women-driven, women-focused website with

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