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  • Living an Empowered, and Adventurous Life

    Living an Empowered, and Adventurous Life

    About one year ago, I crossed paths with Becky Jergenson. She was fresh off completing her very first Smoke ‘n’ Fire Race (SnF). I had made the decision to move to Indiana but had promised both her and our friend Cassidy that I would return to participate in the SnF bikepacking race. I had absolutely no clue what I was getting into, or how I would accomplish this. I had never gone on a single bikepacking trip and had only started mountain biking that year. Somehow, Becky (and probably a few beers) made it seem attainable. She mentioned someone might be putting together a group for novice women that could help with preparation. So… I was in.

    After the move to Indiana, I looked for ways to train but was having a tough time. There are a few small mountain bike trails near my house, so I rode them occasionally …

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  • Washington Bikepacking Women Group

    Washington Bikepacking Women  Group

    Founded by a group of bike-loving women who saw a need in their community, the The Washington Bikepacking Women group strives to grow an inclusive, inspiring, and supportive women and gender-diverse bikepacking community in Washington state. With plans to continue conversations about bikepacking, share women’s stories, and organize group overnighters when the weather warms up, this group is aspiring to increase the women’s turnout at the Cross-Washington Mountain Bike Route (XWA) Grand Depart in May. You can read about the women who founded the group, how to join, what to expect from the group, and about the XWA route below. 

    About the Washington Bikepacking Women Group

    Inspiration for starting the Washington Bikepacking Women group

    There are so many strong women riders in Washington but very few seem to line up for Washington’s bikepacking events. We’d like to change that. We want to create a way for women to connect who share the same …

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  • Positivity and Forward Progress: Ari’s Ouachita Triple Crown

    Positivity and Forward Progress: Ari’s Ouachita Triple Crown

    I set two alarms and curled up in my bright orange emergency bivy, prepared to take a 60-minute nap. It was over halfway through a 12-hour night. I was laying down on a small, narrow bench on top of Bear Mountain, the highest spot of the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail (LOViT). What would normally be a stunning, expansive view of Lake Ouachita’s southern bank was obscured by darkness. With a steep drop-off down the mountain a couple of feet away, I wedged myself against the back of the bench. I was just warm enough to relax but far from comfortable. I was happy to know that the LOViT was a substantial net downhill from here, followed by 15 paved miles back to the finish. I shut my eyes.

    The Race Route:

    The Ouachita Triple Crown (OTC) route is markedly different from the 1,000+ mile gravel/road loop the Arkansas High Country …

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  • Alexandera Houchin’s AZT Video

    Alexandera Houchin’s AZT Video

    I gathered about an hour and a half of footage on my iPhone over the 12-day journey I had racing the 800 miles of the Arizona Trail Race this fall. I edited it down into a short video and I hope that you like it!

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  • Vermont Super 8: Tatianna Wawrzynski’s FKT

    Vermont Super 8: Tatianna Wawrzynski’s FKT

    The Vermont Super 8 bikepacking race is one of the most rugged routes in the northeast. This year, Tatianna Wawrzynski set out to race the 640-mile route, setting an FKT in the process. The former runner and mom of two young daughters used a combination of minimal sleep and endless determination to complete the race in 7 days, 26 minutes on her Trek 1120. She endured rain, cold temperatures, and hallucinations from the lack of sleep to complete the race, drawing inspiration from her family, friends, and everyone who has supported her over the years to keep going when things got dark. We asked some questions and Tatianna put together some thoughts about her experience on the Super 8, sharing details of how she was able to train for and execute the ride.

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  • Q&A with Meaghan Hackinein: The Big Lonely FKT

    Q&A with Meaghan Hackinein: The Big Lonely FKT

    Last week, Meaghan Hackinen set a new fastest known time (FKT) on The Big Lonely, a self-supported bikepacking adventure through Central Oregon. She was the first woman and third overall finisher with the time of 33 hours and 35 minutes, breaking the record previously held by Lauren Brownlee. Find out more about Meaghan and her record-setting race in this Q&A. Photo by Seth DuBois, Instagram @sethdubois

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  • Katie’s Utah Mixed Epic

    Katie’s Utah Mixed Epic

    This fall, Katie set out on Tim Tait’s notoriously difficult Utah Mixed Epic (UME), a bikepacking race from Moab, traversing three mountain ranges connected with remote desert. During the 638 miles of the UME, Katie discovered her recovery-first approach to her bikepacking season helped her to be successful in this race and allowed her to push her limits when her competitive spark lit up during the final push. Read more about Katie’s race and watch her video with footage from the ride.

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  • Touring the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route vs. Racing the Tour Divide

    Touring the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route vs. Racing the Tour Divide

    Racing or touring a bikepacking route, is one choice more fun, more fulfilling, or more challenging than the other? Katie has done both, touring the route with her husband Andrew in 2018 and racing Tour Divide in 2022 (finishing second woman and first singlespeed woman). In this piece, Katie reflects on both experiences, weighing the pros and cons of each approach. The takeaway? There is no right answer, and we should do our best to be honest with our motivations.

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  • Faces Behind the Dots⎼Smoke ‘n’ Fire 2022

    Faces Behind the Dots⎼Smoke ‘n’ Fire 2022

    The Smoke ‘n’ Fire 400 is an undisputed success story of increasing the number of women in a bikepacking race field. Steered by Laura Heiner, the Idaho Women’s Bikepacking group has led to what may be the largest women’s field in a bikepacking event. Get to know some of the faces behind the dots of this year’s race.

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  • Competition and Respect – Women of the 2022 CTR

    Competition and Respect – Women of the 2022 CTR

    When Katya Rakhmatulina rolled into Junction Creek just shy of 9pm as the third women’s finisher of this year’s Colorado Trail Race, she was greeted with raucous cheers and congratulations.

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