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  • The Oregon Timber Trail: Past and Present

    The Oregon Timber Trail: Past and Present

    Heather’s rig on Winter Rim looking down on Summer Lake.

    The perfect amount of adventure. That’s what I’m looking for.

    Over the years I have developed a reputation for “liking to be the first”; not to the finish line in a bikepacking race, an outcome such as that is unlikely with this body of mine, but to be the first to ride a new route. It’s not so much that I actually desire to be the first person to lay a continuous set of tire tracks on a newly released bikepacking route, but that I am looking for the “right” amount of adventure. Developing a novel long-distance bikepacking route is a labor of love and a time-intensive commitment, not one I have undertaken (yet). But I *do* love the sense of adventure that comes with riding a route where not every aspect of the route is fully known, documented, and …

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