Welcome to The Town Bicycle

Hello bicycle community and beyond,

We’d like to take a second to introduce our new website: The Town Bicycle, a.k.a The Townie. We’re a women-driven, women-focused website with the goal of telling the stories people who are doing incredible things on or around bicycles who may not otherwise have a platform for their stories.

We believe that women and other under-represented groups have amazing bicycle-related stories to tell, be it about riding from home, riding in exotic places, frame building, bag sewing, event promoting, team managing, writing, photography, or anything else. And we’ve found that there simply hasn’t existed a place on the internet to provide a home for the types of stories we want to tell, and the ones we want to read.

So we — Alexandera, Eszter, and Katie — took it upon ourselves to create this space. This site isn’t intended to be a women-exclusive space by any stretch of the imagination. Our goal is to elevate voices that might otherwise not be heard and to create a website anchored in community and that represents all types of people using and enjoying this much-loved contraption that we call a bicycle.

We invite you to come along on this journey with us. We’d love to hear about your stories and experiences with bikes! Please reach out if you have a story to tell, photographs to share, or artwork for the world to see. Help us grow this space into a celebration of bikes and everything that is wonderful about them.

See you on the trails,

Alexandera, Eszter, and Katie

Your support means the world to us. If you enjoy our work, please consider making a donation to help us with our mission.

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    • Jo! Thank you so much! The feeling is mutual. If you’re ever in Colorado in the summer or Arizona in the winter, let me know. And I’ll do the same if I end up in your neck of the woods!

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